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Invisible Resources - Zuzana Gombosova
-ISH - De Allegri and Fogale
First Light - Melanie King

Ma-tt-er Presents: Sight

Talks, Events and Workshops.

27th September 2015

Ma-tt-er presents three speakers closing the festival during our week of events by taking you on a journey of materiality through Sight.

1pm -2pm Invisible Resources.

Designer Zuzana Gombosova explores the potential of microorganisms to create tangible materials using a biological printer.

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3pm-4pm _ISH

Matteo Fogale and Laetitia de Allegri explore the perception of materials and their properties, with a view to developing new sustainable substances that mimic existing ones.

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5pm-6pm First Light.

Melanie King of super/collider discusses the materiality of light within analogue photography and printing processes through photosensitive matter using ancient light travelling from celestial objects.

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All taking place at One Good Deed Today.