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Judge’s Innovation of the Future for HYUNDAI
Tell us what you imagine the future of the interior of an Hyundai SUV might look like. If you’re a UK-based design student with the vision to reimagine the SUV interior of 50 years’ time then enter this competition th
Seaweed Matters Workshop at Design Museum
On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 NOVEMBER, 10:30 – 16:30 We have teamed up with the Design Museum London to create a two day workshop exploring the potential of seaweed as a biomaterial. You will be creating your own natural dyes, b
Material Spaces of Tomorrow with SPACE10 London Design Festival 2017
The world is a wonderful and complex place—especially right now. We’re at a defining point in time—one that will lead to profound changes in society and in the way we live. This year for London Design Festival we have been i
Material Monday: Biodegradable Jewellery Packaging
Composite materials have long been associated with the jewellery making industry. With metals like gold, being too soft in its pure state, they needed to be mixed with composites that would strengthen it and let it last longer. Th
Material Monday: Water Jet Cutting
Packaging is becoming an increasingly innovative area within design. Jewellery packaging in particular is a space where there is a lot of room for experimentation. For this week’s “Material Monday: Series 1” entry Seetal Sol
Material Monday: Bamboo and Cassava Packaging
With expanding Asian economies and growing demand for food packaging, many countries are faced with increasing waste issue. For today’s “Material Monday: Series 1” entry Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses Thailand-based
Obonjan Island: Workshops
We will be joining in the activity of the Creative Exploration Week on Obonjan Island this Summer. From 16th – 20th July, you’ll be able to experience how materials can provide a service by looking at the land, water a
Material Monday: CocoForm
In July, the new edition of “Material Monday: Series 1” examines materials that can be used for food packaging. This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses CocoForm, a natural and more responsible alternative packaging s
Why materials matter: Seetal Solanki on the Grenfell Tower
One week after a west London 24-storey tower block erupted into flames in the deadliest fire in Britain for over a century, the controversial use of the “sandwich panel” cladding which encased Grenfell Tower remains at the hea
Material Monday: PaperFoam
Starch and fibre are the main ingredients that PaperFoam is made of which makes this material low-carbon, compostable and recyclable. This week Seetal of Ma-tt-er explores the packaging alternative that can be applied within a mul
Material Monday: Bagasse
Seetal Solanki from Ma-tt-er recently wrote about sugar as a material source and this week she will be discussing the potential of a biodegradable food packaging solution that is made from sugarcane fibre waste called bagasse, whi
Material Monday: Plastic Joinery
The amount of plastic waste we are facing worldwide is insurmountable right now. This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses the way in which plastic waste can provide a more useful function.   Plastic as a material can ta
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