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Material Monday: Water Jet Cutting
Packaging is becoming an increasingly innovative area within design. Jewellery packaging in particular is a space where there is a lot of room for experimentation. For this week’s “Material Monday: Series 1” entry Seetal Sol
Material Monday: Bamboo and Cassava Packaging
With expanding Asian economies and growing demand for food packaging, many countries are faced with increasing waste issue. For today’s “Material Monday: Series 1” entry Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses Thailand-based
Obonjan Island: Workshops
We will be joining in the activity of the Creative Exploration Week on Obonjan Island this Summer. From 16th – 20th July, you’ll be able to experience how materials can provide a service by looking at the land, water a
Material Monday: CocoForm
In July, the new edition of “Material Monday: Series 1” examines materials that can be used for food packaging. This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses CocoForm, a natural and more responsible alternative packaging s
Why materials matter: Seetal Solanki on the Grenfell Tower
One week after a west London 24-storey tower block erupted into flames in the deadliest fire in Britain for over a century, the controversial use of the “sandwich panel” cladding which encased Grenfell Tower remains at the hea
Material Monday: PaperFoam
Starch and fibre are the main ingredients that PaperFoam is made of which makes this material low-carbon, compostable and recyclable. This week Seetal of Ma-tt-er explores the packaging alternative that can be applied within a mul
Material Monday: Bagasse
Seetal Solanki from Ma-tt-er recently wrote about sugar as a material source and this week she will be discussing the potential of a biodegradable food packaging solution that is made from sugarcane fibre waste called bagasse, whi
Material Monday: Plastic Joinery
The amount of plastic waste we are facing worldwide is insurmountable right now. This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses the way in which plastic waste can provide a more useful function.   Plastic as a material can ta
Material Monday: Human Hair
Traditionally hair is a substance we want to remove from our bodies but have remain on our heads. A sign of ageing perhaps but also a considerably strong renewable material source. This week Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er discusses th
Material Monday: Soft Steel
This week’s Material Monday is brought to you by Seetal Solanki Director of materials research consultancy Ma-tt-er. Most metals we come across would be considered a solid material but there are processes now which are transform
Material Monday: E-waste
This week’s Material Monday Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er will be discussing electronic waste as a potential resource for future products. Worldwide 20 to 50 million tons of electronic waste is disposed of on an annual basis making
Material Monday: Marble Dust
This week’s Material Monday focuses on the invisible resource marble dust, brought to you by Seetal Solanki of Ma-tt-er. Dust. A substance that wouldn’t traditionally be considered a material. However designer Mi Zhang a recen
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