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It all began with Matter. It’s what we’re made of.

Solids, liquids, gases, synthetics and the unknown. Everything is made of something.

As humanity continues to overexert Earth’s finite resources we must reconsider the definition of waste. Most materials have an infinite lifecycle; they can be reused, reformed and redesigned with a new purpose.

By harnessing the unexplored potential of materials we can implement social, economical and political change.

Our process of continuous questioning and exploration enables us to investigate these opportunities and share our learnings.

Because everything, and everyone, Matters.


About Matter

Ma-tt-er is a research studio, platform and consultancy that explores the past, present and future of materials.

Founder & Director

Seetal Solanki

Creative Consultant

DK Woon

Project Manager

Jess Meyer

Graphic Design

Our Place

Research Assistant

Cathrine Disney

Insight Assistant

Mathilde Korstgård Madsen

Design Intern

Giulia Tomasello